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We Could Introduce & Present Your Company in Farsi* Language

*Farsi or Persian is The Official Language of I.R. IRAN


It'll be your competitve advantage in IRAN



Our Services


·        Prepare Your Company one-page Infographic in Farsi - Fee: 40 Euro

·        Translate or Prepare About section of Company's Website in Farsi by: History-Motto-Mission-Vision-Goals-Strategies - Fee: Preparation 40 Euro/Page - Translation 15 Euro/Page

·        Prepare Farsi Official Letters to Governmental & Non-Governmental Body's - Fee: 20 Euro/Page

·        Translate or Prepare Business Catalogues in Farsi - Fee: Preparation 40 Euro/page - Translation 15 Euro/Page

·        Consult About Your Company's Needs in IRAN's Job Market for example Hiring, Ads and Etc. - Fee: Negotiable - Banner Ads 20 Euro/Month  (Consulting is Free of charge just during Exhibition time)

     The graphic design charges are included


     By: Iranian - Canadian Experts

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The importance of standard Corporate resume


Corporate Resume is build to provide for corporate stakeholders (customers - shareholders- suppliers of raw materials, goods and services -  the community, etc.) and also for participation in tenders.

You must compete in today's market and tell your customers and organizers of tenders why they should choose you among the others .

What is your competitive advantage. In other words, what is your long & short-term goals, strategies, objectives, policies, motto and vision.

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